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A new operating system which really sounds interesting: The philosophy of redox-os is already well documented in the book. Some highlights which are also mentioned on the homepage:

  • Microkernel Design
  • Most features are implemented in Rust (which should eleminate buffer overflow errors)
  • Drivers run in Userspace (for additional security)

New design

Hey! No fair! Not only design! In fact the design was the smaller part thanks to bootstrap and great templates (which I will link as soon as I find the source). Actually the content was moved from Joomla CMS to a 'plain' html css js solution. Main reason was greater flexibility to extend the content and to migrate the homepage. If you notice errors due to sloppy migration or stuff which isn't displayed properly please let me know!

Whoa ESRI! (be careful with 10.2.2)

Though being in general a happy ESRI user - not like these guys - actually I'm pretty impressed that 3 users can work in parallel on a virtual machine with ArcGIS without getting too much delay, I happened to notice that ArcGIS 10.2.2 has a few problems when it comes to the Schematics extension. An example:

Node on Link Features which are generated without a query can't be exported to another database since their Schematic ID is generated based amongst others on the USID which in this case is -2, not being a valid entry for a Schematic ID (nor an USID at least to their documentation). You will notice it when you get Schematic IDs ending with - - 2 and your node on link features loose all their (schematic) attributes when switching database. This is a bug which is fixed in ArcGIS 10.2.1 and 10.3.1.

The problem is that there doesn't seem to be the intention to release a patch for version 10.2.2. According to ESRIs software maintenance policy the product life cycle for 10.2.2. extended and mature phase lasts till 2019 and should grant software support: "Software patches and hot fixes provided to customers to resolve significant issues discovered in a product release."

So you can try to get a hotfix! Which might take some effort :) Come to think about this there might be a few more "insignificant bugs" I'm not aware of. This makes version 10.2.2 a very risky bet!

MegaBot brought to you by: Autodesk

As you can read at engadget: "We're bringing video games and science fiction to life in the form of internally piloted giant fighting robots, MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti told us. The mech concept first appeared last year in a failed Kickstarter, but was eventually completed with help from US software giant Autodesk."

The first challenge to a giant mech fight went out to Suidobashi Heavy Industry's Kurata and was accepted.

You can only wonder how long it will take for a similar challenge to arrive at ESRI's and how the reaction will be in the GIS industry when competitors are starting to arm up with giant robots*.


Another aspect which shouldn't be missed: Can the GIS industry finally gain more reputation and an air of 'coolness' by sponsoring giant mech fights? It's up to us to make this work! Make sure to drop a hint at your next meeting with GIS company representatives "how much you liked NGE/EVA when you were younger" and that you find mechs way cooler and less nerdy than drones.

After all, the connection between giant mechs and GIS and surveying industry is not that far fetched. Our industry can deliver precise and up-to-date road, terrain and 3D building data, as well as instruments for precise distance and angle measurements - just the right input data for a giant mech and its weapon systems.

* based on the clever naming scheme probably something like ArcOptimus Pro?

TBD: CityGML 3.0

CityGML geht in die 3. Runde. Momentan werden die Neuerungen für die nächste Version des Standards konzipiert. Noch besteht die Möglichkeit sich einzubringen. Spannende Arbeitspakete sind beispielsweise WP3 (LoD-Konzept) oder WP6 (Versionierung und dynamische Werte). Interessant ist auch die zunehmende Internationalisierung des (ehemals deutschen nun internationalen) OGC Standards.

Ẃhat we do in the Shadows

Nice: The movie "What we do in the shadows" features an (real) GIS specialist (on the right).

what we do in the shadows characters

Here is a trailer featuring Stu ...

... and here an article about the particularity of Stu's part in the movie.

Don't miss the extra "Stu's work" where he explains his work as a GIS Senior Analyst at LANWorx (capturing trees with an IkeGPS 1000).

Stu at lanworx

Kollege, Kollege!

Not macht erfinderisch! Einmal zu oft übers Stativ gestolpert: kurzerhand (entzürnt) hat Kollege Hartauer eine neue Gerätehalterung für Kontrollmessungen für den gesteuerten Rohrvortrieb entworfen, umgesetzt und auch für Sie erhältlich gemacht.

Geraetehalter Tunnelvermessung